Habilis Japan 

As the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic games approach, para-sports are attracting the attention of the Japanese population. Taking part in sportive activities have a positive impact in the mental and physical development of young amputees. Unfortunately, the prosthetic limbs which efficient for participation in sports are costly, as these are not covered by the Japanese public insurance or welfare support.

Our goal is to encourage young amputees to be active by facilitating access to prosthesis and support. We specifically aim to support young amputees to take part in sports. Such support is already available in many parts of the world, but still not offered in Japan. We currently offer a rental system for prosthetic limbs for sports.

We plan to organize events and other opportunities for amputees to be active and make good use of their limbs, as well enhance human resources development for coordinating activities.  We wish to make para-activities the norm and raise awareness of amputees and prosthesis use by displaying and publishing the merit of accomplishment when having access to proper device.

To date, we have offered a wide range of activities where the young amputees get to experience better use of their body and prosthesis, such as:

-            cooking classes for young amputees and their family,

-            Gymnastic classes, where young amputees safely play in gymnastic equipment and trampolines,

-            activities instructed by Paralympic medalists and professional athletes where the children are advised to improve their       running and pitching skills.

We also provide advice on planning and implementing similar events with other groups in Japan. 

We were awarded the Medtec 2019 Innovation Award for the development of domestic recreational prosthesis limbs and tools and the establishment of a supply system. We aim to increase the reach of our support for young amputees across Japan by further accelerating our activities.